A Pianist's Memory From Prince Edward Island

When I was very young, I once spent a summer afternoon with an old lady, in her old summer house in PEI. She said she knew Rachmaninoff very well, and was his cousin. I wasn’t quite sure whether to believe it. She wrote her name for me and said I should call her in New York. I kept that slip of paper in my wallet for many years. I wanted to call, but never did. The name read “Kyriena Siloti”. Now I know that she was the daughter of Alexander Siloti.


  1. Hello, Heather, I saw your comment and wanted to connect with you. I am working on a writing project about Kyriena Silot, who was my piano teacher for many years. I am interested in any recollections you would be willing to share with me. Anything could be helpful–how she looked, spoke, what you talked about, whether she played for you or reminisced. thanks so much!

    • Hello there,
      Thanks for your interest and comment. That sounds like a very interesting project and I would like to read it. I can’t really tell you too much. It was an hour spent with her a few decades ago. However, what I do know is that she lived in Victoria-By-The-Sea, Prince Edward Island, which is a very small community where surely she was known. If you’d like me to try to find someone from there who knows her I could ask a few people. Or you could visit yourself someday – it is a beautiful spot. Best wishes, Heather

    • Just a few details: I remember small bouquets of wildflowers. That made me warm to her right away. And the room was spacious, furnished in a comfortable way with antiques. She was warm and pleasant and seem to know a lot more about me than I knew about myself.