Live Solo Piano Performance

From Six Fantasy Pieces by colleague Alfred Fisher (1982) , movements 1-4

Live Duo Performance

Performance on January 9, 2020

Katie Schlaikjer, cello

Heather Taves, piano

Sonata for Cello and Piano by Elliott Carter

Recorded Solo Performance

Piano Sonata by Elliott Carter EP 2010 Caravanserai Records

Performance of Student Composition

“A Short Piece for Piano”. Heather Taves performs a composition by her Laurier student Kevin Saltarelli at Ball State University, Indiana.


Composition with Improvised Digital Media

Rising Up, by Heather Taves

Live recording from the NUMUS Contemporary Piano Summit. Structured piano improvisation employing Novation Launchpad for improvised digital media. Images by Madeleine Wright and Heather Taves Rising Up explores the life of “La Madeleine” (Mary Magdalene) as a parallel narrative to the life of Christ, portrayed in the life experiences of young women at risk.

There are 8 color-coded sections:
Red: birth
Orange: fertility
Gold: power
Beige: Education
Black: Prostitution/Crucifixion
Purple: Sorrow
Lavender: Ascent

Composition for Soprano and Piano

“Identify Your Love”

Heather Taves, composer and pianist, Meredith Hall, soprano from the album Ocean Women, Caravanserai Records ©2008

Piano and Tenor Composition

“Living Abundantly”

From the song cycle As Through a Glass Darkly, a setting of poems about battling Parkinson’s disease by George Victor Toews (1930-2010).

Heather Taves, composer and pianist; Brandon Leis, tenor.

From Notes Towards, Chestnut Hall Records 2008. Album nomination for JUNO award.

Celtic-Classical Piano Composition

East Coast Suite

Heather Taves, pianist and performer

Caravanserai Records ©2013


Student Creative Project

“Wisdom” by Rebekah Cummings, composed for a course with Heather Taves

Live Improv for Santour, Piano, and Spoken Word

Creative Projects concert at the Maureen Forrester Recital Hall

Afarin Tehrani Mansouri, santour and Persian words

Heather Taves, piano and German words

Free Improv

A daily improv by Heather Taves, pianist

Recorded Spoken Word Improv

“Morning Song”, a structured improv by Heather Taves with spoken word artist Clara Hilts, about a run in rush hour in Vancouver.

From the album Ocean Women, Caravanserai Records ©2008.